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We are the most affordable option for getting your home or business organized by removing clutter. We provide junk removal services to Canton, Georgia residents at an affordable price. Our clean team will have your junk removed in no time!

Junk Removal Service in Canton, Georgia

When you want to get rid of unwanted items in your home or office, you could spend hours rummaging through boxes and bags looking for items that may be of value to someone else. You could post on social media asking friends and family if they want or need your unwanted items, or you can simply load up the car and drop them off at a donation center.

There’s an easier way to get rid of those unwanted items that still allows you to be charitable without having to give away your belongings. Junk removal services provide a quick, efficient, and cost-effective way to rid your home or office of unwanted items.

How Junk Removal Services Work

You contact a junk removal service online or by phone and schedule an appointment for them to come out to the location that you want to be cleared out. The company then sends out a crew with all the equipment necessary to remove everything you want to get rid of.

These crews are often made up of two or three people and they always come prepared with the proper tools and equipment.

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The Benefits of Junk Removal Services

There are several benefits of hiring a junk removal service instead of trying to get rid of your unwanted items yourself.  The biggest of these benefits is that you get to avoid the time and effort that it would take you to do all the work yourself.

The junk removal service is responsible for disposing of the items you are no longer using, which means that you don’t have to worry about making a mess or breaking any laws regarding hazardous waste disposal. You also get the satisfaction of knowing that your unwanted items are being donated to charity.

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Stay Organized and Declutter Your Home

Canton is a beautiful city with many great qualities. One of those qualities may include having too much stuff! No matter how nice your home is, you can never seem to get rid of all the clutter and junk that piles up over time. Jaunt Service Company can help you eliminate all of that clutter.

Jaunt Service Company is one of the premier junk removal companies in Canton, GA. We are able to pick up anything you need, including old furniture, appliances, electronics, yard waste, and more.

Get Rid of Your Junk for Good

Jaunt Service Company has been in the junk removal business for a number of years and has built a great reputation in Canton, GA. With us calling on your home to remove your clutter you can ensure that it will be disposed of safely.

With Jaunt Service Company, you can remove any items from your home or yard which you would like to be gone. We partner with different recycling facilities so when we arrive at your home, all items are separated and the proper recycling process takes place.

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We Handle All the Heavy Lifting!

With our experience of being a junk removal company, we have learned the proper and safe way to remove heavy items. We take all necessary precautions so that your belongings are not damaged or harmed in any way, allowing you to feel at ease when we arrive to pick up your junk.

Jaunt Service Company can also help you remove unwanted yard waste from your yard. Whether it is old grass, leaves, or twigs, we are able to provide our expert service in removing anything you would like gone.

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Our Pricing is Unbeatable

We offer some of the best prices in Canton, GA for junk removal services. We know you would rather spend your money on something else; therefore, we make sure that our pricing is affordable to everyone who needs help removing their clutter. 

When we arrive at your home, we will provide you with a free and non-binding estimate. If you accept our quote and decide to hire us for the job, we will take care of everything from there! Call Jaunt Service Company today for your free estimate and let us rid you of that junk once and for all!

Junk Removal Service to Take Care of it All

With all the work that needs to be done around your home, you don’t have time to worry about removing junk. Jaunt Service Company can help with our expert junk removal services. With us taking care of all the lifting and loading, you are able to have peace of mind knowing that your junk will be properly disposed of.

We are also able to offer you some of the best prices in Canton, GA for junk removal services. Our pricing is fair and competitively priced; therefore, we make sure that our prices are affordable for everyone. 

Punctual And Efficient

When you hire Jaunt Service Company to help with your junk removal needs, you can be sure that the job will get done in a timely manner. With our punctuality, we are able to maximize your time so you are not stuck waiting around for the work to get done. We are experienced in being on time and efficient while at your home.

Call now to speak with a member of our friendly and professional staff about your junk removal needs! Jaunt Service Company is the only name you need to know when looking for Canton, GA junk removal services. We can help you remove your clutter today!

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Honest Staff You Can Trust

Jaunt Service Company can be counted on to provide you with honest and reliable junk removal services. We are able to safely remove anything you need to be gone, all while keeping your best interests at heart. We want to ensure that you are happy with the work we do for you, so we always go above and beyond!

We are dedicated to being the name you can trust in Canton, GA when it comes to junk removal. We have built our reputation on being honest and reliable, allowing us to create a strong foundation for our company that has allowed us to grow over the years.

About Us

Jaunt Service Company is a junk removal service in Canton, Georgia. We ensure you that we will haul away all your junk and unwanted clutter with ease and convenience. We provide the best customer service to our clients by keeping them updated on their items’ arrival time and condition of items after removal. Jaunt Service Company also provides storage for your items if needed.

We strive to provide our customers with an exceptional level of service. In addition, we believe that fair prices, good service, and doing what’s right for both the client and environment are all values worth standing up for. Our clients come first, and we will do everything to accommodate our customers’ needs.

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Why Choose Us

Let Jaunt serve you in all your junk removal needs. Our extensive experience in the industry over many years has made us efficient and effective at junk hauling, recycling, and disposal. We are also fully insured for your added reassurance.

Licensed and Experienced Team

Our team is fully licensed, bonded, insured, and experienced at junk hauling, disposal, and recycling. We will go the extra mile to make sure your removal needs are met and exceeded.

Affordable Rates

We believe in responsible disposal which is why we recycle over 50% of the junk collected at no extra cost to you. We strive to provide our customers with an environmentally friendly solution to their waste removal needs.

Honest and reliable

We are committed to providing you with reliable service so that you can always trust our estimates and quotes. We will never try to sell unnecessary services or products. We are honest, fair, and transparent in everything we do for your satisfaction.

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We offer the lowest rates, highest quality customer service, and junk hauling services. Our knowledgeable staff will come to your location, survey it and send you an estimate instantly when you ask them to. We have been in business for several years but do not let that intimidate you. We see things differently and will always give the most cost-effective bid possible.

If you need junk removal services, the team at Jaunt Service Company is here to help. We pride ourselves on providing affordable junk hauling services that are dependable and efficient. Call us today at (404) 689-2811

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